5 Quick And Easy Plant Based Breakfast Ideas!

Rise and shine!  

Greet the day with a smile and a heart full of appreciation.  We are alive. We are breathing.  We are all going be ok.  And today is going to be a great day….mostly because of the food we choose to eat.  Our food choices effect us in more ways than meets the eye, or fills the belly.  

When we eat and drink fresh high vibration foods like detox waters, fresh fruit, vegetable juices,  and smoothies in the morning we are setting ourselves up to continue receiving higher vibrations of happiness, joy, gratitude, and vigor.  

Compared to a breakfast made up of heavy flesh foods that over tax  our systems, working overtime trying to break down and eliminate them.  Consuming fresh foods in the morning your body is flooded with nutrients, minerals, and essential fiber!!  Your body is so smart,  it knows exactly what to do with all those nutrients to keep you healthy.

 Flesh foods are dead foods that zap your energy and can leave you feeling depressed and lethargic, listless, and without motivation to achieve your goals and dreams. So skip all that and start your day the fresh way!!

 A big glass of Citrus And Mint Detox Water washes away all the stagnant energy left from a good nights sleep. It’s so easy to make, Just slice an orange and half a lemon, a few sprigs of fresh mint, squeeze the other half of the lemon into the water, put on a tight fitting lid, and in the morning you are ready to rock and roll flooding your body with nutrients and some much needed hydration. A delicious beverage to wake up to every morning, indeed!!

A nice Plate Of Fresh Fruit can easily  be taken with you.  Fresh berries are a great source of antioxidants, nutrients and fiber.  Remember ” an apple a day keeps the Doctor away”!!

Another favorite and super quick breakfast that I just love is Apple Breakfast Cookies!  Cored Apple, sliced thick, spread on your favorite nut butter, or sunflower seed butter is also delicious, top with coconut chips, dried fruit, cacao nibs, and chopped nuts.

A fruit and nut bowl is also super convenient.  In my Big Banana Bowl I used sliced bananas, coconut chips, cacao nibs, cashews, almond butter, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Juices and smoothies can be prep the night before so you can just grab it on your way out the door.  Carrot Lemonade is one of my all time favorite juices!! Just juice your carrots with 2 lemons:)

Small changes lead to bigger changes.  One step at a time❤️ one meal at a time, you have the power to change your habits at least 3 times a day.  Please choose organic, and local whenever possible.

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