Vegan Paleo Superfood Chocolate Cups!

When I was a child I had an obsession with Chunky candy bars.  Packed with fruit and nuts it was everything I loved all encased in chocolate.  Heaven!  My aunt Laura even started calling me chunker because I would always ask for those when she would take me and my sister to the store to get a treat.  (I am now 40 and she still calls me chunker when I see her!)
Now that I am all grown up and I have put my health first, I don’t do white sugar, and I don’t eat dairy products what so ever. So, the facts are, I am never going to have another Chunky candy bar again!

 So what’s a girl to do??  What else, I am just going to rely on my skillsssss!! I just whipped up a batch of my own version of those delightful nuggets of joy:) They turned out so much better than I remember those candy bars ever being!!

Vegan Paleo Superfoods Chocolate Cups

I made up a mix of raw organic almonds, walnuts, cashews, dried cherries, cranberries, pumpkin seeds and cacao nibs.

I lined my well seasoned muffin pan with 12 muffin cups and filled each one half way with the fruit and nut mix.

I melted 2 bags of Enjoy Life allergen free vegan dark chocolate chips over a double boiler. Don’t over cook, when it’s smooth and melted, it’s done!

Pour the chocolate over the fruit and nut mixture and stir in the chocolate a bit to mix everything together.

Top each one with a little more of the fruit and nut mixture.

Pop the muffin pan in the refrigerator for 20 minutes to allow them to set up.  Once they have set up you can store them in an airtight container.


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