Celebrate The Arrival Of Fall With Butternut Sliders!

Fall is in the air!  

I love living in the North East because we get to experience all 4 seasons so dramatically! I really don’t have a favorite season because each one brings with it its own unique beauty and secrets, hardships and triumphs.  It’s a hectic pace from now until snow flies to get all the fire wood in, the house buckled up, the gardens turned, and all the other umpteen  details done to prepare for the harsh kisses from old man winter.  

Because I am not ready to put the grill away just yet, and because the squash harvest this year is so very impressive,  I thought what a perfect day to grill up some butternut sliders for the family!! The butternut does not necessarily need to be grilled, you could also broil the slices in your oven.

These are great!  They are the perfect balance of soft, crunchy, spicy, and savory.  Everyone enjoys them, even my picky one!!

Butternut Sliders!


1 very long neck butternut squash, pealed, sliced into 1/2″ thick slices. ( you can save the butt of the squash with the seeds in it for a soup or shredded and put in potato home fries)

Brush the slices with oil, lightly and rub with Chili powder and season with Sea salt and pepper

Grill or broil until tender but not mushy.  You should be able to make a small dent in it with your finger, it’s done.

A bag of your favorite rolls, if you are gluten free use those.

Slice ripe tomato

Sliced red onion

Clover sprouts

Crispy romaine leaves

Chipotle mayo ( I use a jar of veganaise and blend it with a few chipotles in Adobe with a little lime juice and smoked sea salt)

And viola! Dinner is done!!  Healthy, and uniquely delicious these are just perfect!!


Xox, Vegan Yogi Chef

If you are enjoying my recipes you can find a treasure load of healthy, real food recipes in my Real Food Reset Guide🙂

Thanks for your support❤️🍁🎃

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