Healthy Caramel Apples Just In Time For Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner, Celebrate with Healthy Caramel Apples!

It’s that time of year again, time to celebrate Halloween and all things ghosts and ghouls, spooky and creepy, slimy and frightening. Soon the Halloween parties will be happening and bowls of candy will be spilling over and homemade creations littering every kitchen counter across America.

This is not so thrilling, but still very much frightening  if you are eating well and staying clear from all that processed junk food, artificial flavors, artificial colors, and preservatives.  Yikes!!

No worries, though. Halloween can still be every bit delicious, fun and creative.  For Halloween I always make a big plate of guilt free caramel apples.  My guests love them and can’t tell that they are made with 100% real food deliciousness. They are easy to make, require just a few ingredients and can be made and ready to eat in less than an hour.


Awhhh…the bountiful gifts from God!! Juicy, crispy and freshly harvested apples are the first thing you will need.  Go organic, the flavor is better and best of all, no pesticides!!


Healthy Caramel Apples!!

6 organic apples
6 Popsicle sticks
12 madjoul dates, pitted
1/2 cup of pure Vermont maple syrup
1/4 cup of coconut oil
2/3 cup of ground walnuts or almonds
1/2 bag dark chocolate chips, melted
splash of vanilla
pinch of sea salt



1. Insert the stick into the center of the apple and push 1/2 way in.
2. In a high speed blender combine the pitted dates and maple syrup, vanilla, and sea salt and blend until completely smooth.
3. Drizzle in the coconut oil until thoroughly mixed.
4.transfer the mix to a pie plate.  I use my fingers but you could use a spatula to spread the caramel mix on the apples.
5. Refrigerate for 15 minutes to harden the caramel a little bit.
6. Next, roll the apples in chopped nuts and drizzle with the melted chocolate.

Store in the refrigerator until party time, then dig in!!
They will last for 4-5 days in the refrigerator if you want to make them in advance.



Vegan Yogi Chef

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