How To Eat Like A Yogi!

Because of the constant use of the hashtag #yogifood, some of my instagram followers have DM me, “what is Yogi Food” and “what does it mean to eat like a Yogi?”

To me, Yogi Food, is a nutrient dense plant-based diet focusing on eating foods from the color spectrum. Colorful fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes. Eating like a Yogi is choosing to stay away from all processed foods in favor of health promoting fresh foods, and eating foods from close to home as much as possible.

Green Goddess Salad!
Hearty Vegetable Minestrone!

Eating like a Yogi is much more of a lifestyle choice than an actual diet. It’s eating according to the ancient yogic belief that we should live in harmony and practice non-violence, and no harm (including to ourselves). Today’s food system is full of violence, greed, and unsafe factory food practices in the form of chemical additives and preservatives to our food, as most recently seen on Rotten, a Netflix original series. By eliminating processed foods from our diet we are returning to eating foods in their natural state with all the vitamins and minerals already naturally in our foods, literally foods from the Garden of Eden (local farmers, and farmers markets, or the local produce section in the grocery store) in your neighborhood. It’s the yogi belief of living simply, taking only what you need, and using food as a source of energy instead of just pleasure. It’s being self aware of the daily choices we make, and how those choices impact the world at large.

Beet Root Risotto!
Cauliflower Mash Stuffed Portobello Mushroom!
Butternut And Broccoli With Smoky Onion Lentils!

Making the transition generally requires one to plan ahead, and to be prepared with wholesome foods on hand. Not to worry though as this becomes part of mindful living that I find I cherish.  I do my shopping over a few days a week, this helps me to keep my foods fresh and buying only what I need. On my blog you will find many plant based recipes that are all Yogi Food or you can buy my Real Food Reset recipe guide that is a step by delicious step toward radiant health through a nutrient dense plant based diet.

Many blessings and with gratitude,


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